For 27 years, we have been Richmond’s premier auto detailing shop
for luxury and unique vehicles.

Auto Detailing

At Concours Auto Detailing, we (literally) wrote the book on proper washing and drying techniques, and we utilize them on every detail. We only use gentle, pH balanced shampoos and wheel cleaners that are safe on all surfaces, and we also use either deionized or RO (reverse osmosis) water to ensure a spot-free wash.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a popular way to protect your vehicle's delicate paint from rock chips and damage caused by environmental contaminants. At Concours Auto Detailing, we offer customized installation services featuring products from XPEL Ultimate or 3M Scotchguard.

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Paint Correction

Remember how good your car’s finish looked when you first saw it on the showroom floor? Sure your car’s finish may still shine, but shine means nothing without the depth and clarity that only comes from proper machine polishing performed by an Advanced Paint Correction Specialist.

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